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Short Stories to Teach Children – Integrity – An Audiobook and Read-Along eBook Collection


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Nurture Values, Inspire Integrity – One Story at a Time!

Discover a world of integrity and character through captivating stories in “Short Stories to Teach Children – Integrity.” Immerse your child in tales of honesty, problem-solving, and the power of doing what’s right. This audiobook and read-along eBook collection brings families together to explore essential values and create lasting memories.

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Step into a world of values and virtues with “Short Stories to Teach Children – Integrity,” an extraordinary collection that combines the power of audiobooks and interactive eBooks to instill essential life lessons in both children and parents. With five captivating stories and their matching read-along eBooks, this collection is a treasure trove of benefits waiting to be discovered.


For Children:


🎧 Engaging Audiobooks: Dive into five gripping adventures, including “The Curious Case of the Missing Cookies,” “The Enigmatic Detective,” “The Magical Feather of Integrity,” “The Magical Key of Integrity,” and “The Remarkable Riddle Solver.” Engaging narrations bring characters to life, fostering active listening and comprehension skills.


📖 Interactive Read-Along eBooks: Enhance reading skills and comprehension with beautifully illustrated eBooks that follow along with the audiobooks. These vibrant visuals help children connect with the stories on a deeper level, making learning enjoyable.


🌟 Nurturing Values: Each story embodies integrity in a unique way, guiding children to make honest choices, solve problems with integrity, and appreciate the value of truthfulness. These stories create a foundation for strong character development.


🌈 Inspiring Imagination: As young minds explore the intriguing plots, they’ll unlock their imagination and creativity, enriching their cognitive abilities and encouraging curiosity.


For Parents:


📚 Quality Family Time: Immerse your family in shared experiences as you listen to the audiobooks together or read along with the eBooks. This collection becomes a tool for bonding and meaningful conversations about integrity.


📖 Parenting Support: “Short Stories to Teach Children – Integrity” equips parents with stories that effortlessly communicate the importance of integrity, making it easier to impart life values to their children.


🌟 Moral Framework: Help your child build a solid moral foundation by discussing the stories’ lessons of honesty, responsibility, and doing what’s right even when no one is watching.


🎉 Joyful Learning: Through dynamic storytelling and interactive elements, children are introduced to essential values in a fun and engaging way, making learning a joyful experience.


Join us in this exciting journey of values and growth with “Short Stories to Teach Children – Integrity.” With the perfect blend of audiobooks and read-along eBooks, this collection offers an immersive and impactful way to teach children about integrity, while providing parents with valuable resources to guide their children’s moral development. Elevate your child’s character and create lasting memories with this enriching audiobook and eBook bundle.




Format: ebook

Year: 2023

Pages: 23

Publisher: AUTHOBLISH™

Language: English


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